A missing or broken tooth can impact your smile and your confidence in many ways. From oral diseases to low self-esteem, damaged teeth frequently lead to a variety of concerns. A dental crown or bridge from Progressive Dental, however, can protect your teeth and improve your confidence. Schedule an appointment with our office in Oklahoma City today to learn more about your options.

Why choose a crown or bridge?

These coverings securely protect damaged, decayed, or broken teeth above the gums. From strengthening the weakened tooth to defending against further damage, a crown or bridge can protect your long-term health. Crowns and bridges are often used for cosmetic reasons as well. They create a new color and shape for damaged or discolored teeth.

Progressive Dental would be happy to craft your crown to match your teeth. We have a variety of materials to work with in order to match the appearance and functionality that you prefer. Your crown or bridge placement usually takes two visits. During the first visit, we will make molds of the teeth to be covered. We then place temporary crowns on your teeth before the final procedure. Your second visit is when your crown or bridge will be placed permanently in your mouth.

We promise to help make your crown or bridge procedure as easy and comfortable as possible. Our services are only available after thorough consideration of your medical exam results. We also take your preferences into account as we help you decide what is best for you. Contact Progressive Dental today for a free consultation.