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Night guard

Reliable Night Guards

Did you ever have the problem of teeth grinding, or bruxism? This can put tremendous strain on your gums and jaw. Dental mouth guards from Progressive Dental can help you get rid of bruxism.

Our Custom-Made Dental Mouth Guards Can Rid You of the Problem of Bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a serious problem. However, it doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Don't make the mistake! If you have bruxism, you should contact us immediately. Our experienced team will create customized night guard devices for you.

Unlike OTC products sold by many pharmacies, we can provide you with dental mouth guards that are molded to fit the individual shape of your mouth.

How Bruxism Can Disrupt Your Normal Lifestyle?

When you grind your teeth, you end up putting tremendous strain on your gums and jaw. It can give you a headache, a thumping jaw or excruciating mouth pain. Some of the effects are:
  • Increased sensitivity to food which is hot or cold because of eroded enamel
  • Misshaped or broken teeth that can change your appearance dramatically
  • Alteration of facial bones making them imperfect as the position of upper and lower jaw bones may change drastically
  • Fatigued facial bones leading to earaches, headaches, jaw pain, and tenderness 
All these mean that you won't probably get a good night's rest which in turn can affect your level of productivity and lifestyle. 
Night guard

Benefits of Using a Night Guard

A dental mouth guard has multiple advantages. They are as follows:
  • Protects your teeth from damage arising out of grinding and keeps them in proper shape
  • You won't have to worry about chipped or broken teeth that not only affects your facial appearance but also makes eating food difficult
  • Freedom from soreness around ears, necks and mouth because it keeps your upper and lower jaws in proper alignment
  • Helps you get good sleep and enough rest since your muscles remain relaxed meaning you wake up feeling fresh and energized the following day

How We Can Help?

As a single dentist practice, we value our customers and treat them as our family. Dr. Matt McReynolds and the staff of Progressive Dental will always try to ensure that you feel comfortable. Our dentist tries to make the treatment as pain-free as possible.

You can expect quick results and we will have you free from pain in no time. We assure you that your beautiful smile will be preserved. To schedule an appointment, call us at 405-632-5561.

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