Root Canals

Root canal

Efficacious Root Canal Treatment

Save your tooth from extraction with precision root canal treatment at Progressive Dental.

Our Exceptional Endodontic Treatment Can Alleviate Severe Tooth Pain and Discomfort

Root canal is considered to be the most effective and widely used method for strengthening your teeth and diminishing discomfort when the root canal below a decayed tooth gets severely infected. Some of the assured benefits of endodontic treatments are:
  • Provides pain relief
  • Saves teeth from surgical removal
  • It ensures that you are left with more natural teeth
  • Reduces chances of further damage and infection to your already decayed teeth
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Root canal

How Does the Root Canal Treatment Works?

A chamber inside the tooth where nerves, pulp, and cellular material live is known as root canal. The root canal of a healthy tooth remains sealed off from harmful germs. However, when a tooth becomes severely damaged or infected, the sensitive area inside the gums becomes exposed to these germs. This starts to weaken a tooth from within and leads to inflammation and infection.

Most often a condition like this causes moderate to severe discomfort in patients and a dentist may be left with no option but to operate. Root canal treatment offers a much better alternative. It not only numbs the excruciating pain but also protects your gum from further damage. 

Endodontic treatments are necessary since your teeth, once damaged, don't have the ability to repair themselves. Call us to schedule an appointment.
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