Save your tooth from having to be extracted by choosing a precise root canal therapy from Progressive Dental. If we notice your severe tooth pain is caused by a damaged or infected root, we can alleviate the pain and protect your tooth from further infection. This method of treatment is considered to be the most effective when it comes to diminishing patient discomfort.

Why choose a root canal?

A root canal can provide pain relief and save your tooth from having to be surgically removed. Enjoy your natural teeth longer, and reduce the chances of further damage and infection to your already-decayed teeth.

How does it work?

Each tooth has a small chamber where the nerves, pulp, and cellular material live. This is known as the root canal. In a healthy tooth, this canal is sealed from germs to prevent infection and discomfort. However, a damaged tooth can leave the root canal exposed. This weakens the tooth from the inside and leads to both inflammation and infection.

This painful condition often leaves patients with no choice but to undergo therapy. The good news is, a root canal both numbs the pain and protects your gums from any further damage. This pain will not improve on its own, so be sure to call us if you have any major concerns. We offer emergency services when necessary. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.