Whether you lost some teeth due to a car crash, or your child sustained a severe mouth injury during a sporting event, come see our friendly dental team at Progressive Dental. Dental emergencies obviously cannot wait until the next business day. When you are in need of quick, professional dental care, Progressive Dental is Oklahoma City’s premier choice. Many dental issues that should be treated as emergencies are simply ignored — please do not make that mistake! When emergencies go untreated, they can often lead to infection or further oral damage that requires extensive surgery.

Progressive Dental offers same-day, dental emergency services along with standard oral health checkups. If you are in need of immediate help, then please call 405-632-5561, or visit our dental clinic. We are here and happy to help treat your condition with calm, professional understanding.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any issue with the teeth or gums that has caused significant pain. Some of the most common reasons for which our patients seek emergency treatment include:

  • Excessive bleeding from the mouth after an injury or accident
  • Painful swelling that may be caused by an abscessed tooth
  • A dislodged or broken tooth
  • Tooth loss due to impact or injury
  • Facial fractures that could affect the integrity of the teeth and jaw

We offer free consultations, so please don’t hesitate to schedule one and let us help you determine your next steps. Reach out to us for emergency dental care in Oklahoma City.