Over time, your coffee habit and love of fine wines have slowly built up stains on your teeth. While harmless, they can often dull your smile and affect the way you see yourself. With Progressive Dental, you can brighten your smile and take on the world with confidence once again.

Whether you would prefer to receive treatments in our dental clinic or use an at-home solution, it would be our pleasure to present you with options. We offer the following at your convenience:

  • An in-office, light-activated system that brightens your teeth in just a single two-hour treatment
  • An at-home whitening system you apply at your convenience.
  • Whitening trays you can use at home

No matter what your preferred method of whitening may be, we have an option to fit your needs. Tell us about any sensitivity concerns, and we would be happy to make a recommendation.

There’s no need to hide your grin from the world. Choose a quality cosmetic dental service from a team you can trust. We offer free consultations to any patients who are interested, so please do not hesitate to reach out.

$99 Lifetime Whitening

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