First-Rate Dentures

Regain the benefits you had with natural teeth with dentures fitted at Progressive Dental.
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Our Dentures Can Not Only Fill a Gap Left Behind by a Decayed Tooth but Can Hold Your Gum Together

Have you lost a tooth or a number of teeth due to a severe accident or due to decay? A set of false teeth could be your most viable option for replacing your decayed teeth. At our dental clinic, we offer non-removable fixed bridges that are attached to your natural teeth and crowns.

Our dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth with the added benefit of not attaching to other natural teeth. That means the surrounding natural teeth won't have to support the replaced tooth and get weakened in the process. 

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Partial Dentures are Available

Removable, partial dentures are effective solutions if you have a substantial number of missing teeth or if money is an issue. If you are someone whose teeth have decayed severely or you are suffering from serious gum diseases, you can opt for our ready-made dentures that are available immediately. Furthermore, you can use teeth implants to support these false teeth.

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