Whether you have a tooth that sits just a little crooked, or you feel that your smile is slightly off center, Invisalign® may be the solution for your problem. Before you consider getting braces, learn about the benefits of Invisalign®. There’s no need to give up your favorite foods or deal with the hassle of having metal brackets attached to your teeth.

You will not have to make regular appointments with your orthodontist to have adjustments, nor will you need to use any special care. With Invisalign, you can improve the shape of your smile inconspicuously.

The Invisalign trays can be easily removed when eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Because they are made from thermoplastic material, they are virtually transparent. No one will notice them when you speak or laugh.

When you turn to Progressive Dental to learn more about Invisalign, you’ll receive a free consultation. First, Dr. Matt McReynolds will perform initial dental examinations to ensure that your teeth are in the right condition for Invisalign treatment. Next, a dental hygienist will take pictures and impressions of your teeth to create your custom Invisalign set. Finally, we teach you how to use and clean your aligners, as well as when to switch to your next set.

In just twelve months of regular use, you can have an incredible smile. Reach out to our team at Progressive Dental now to schedule your consultation.