For those of you who have struggled with bruxism, or teeth grinding, you likely know the strain it can put on your teeth, gums, and jaw. At Progressive Dental, we offer a gentle solution. Protect your teeth from grinding by choosing a night guard. A custom-made mouth guard can actually relieve your bruxism problem, as these guards are fitted to match the unique shape of your mouth.

Bruxism is harmful because of the immense strain and pressure it places on your teeth and jaw. Some experience headaches as a result while others actually break their teeth in their sleep. Over longer periods of time, the facial bones can shift and disrupt the proper placement of the upper and lower jaw bones. And, of course, grinding teeth indicates very poor quality of sleep — leaving you to struggle the next day with your productivity and mental clarity.

A dental mouth guard not only protects your teeth, but keeps them in proper shape. It can also relax your jaw as you rest, allowing you to get rid of painful headaches and drift off toward a deeper, more restful sleep. Enjoy comfort and improved health by reaching out today.
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